Change Resources of executable files using Resource Hacker

I have created one desktop application using Microsoft Visual
Studio. It was working fine but somehow I was not able to change the icon of
executable file even though I have sat it in Application Properties.

Then I decided to google the problem and I got wonderful
solution that helped me to change icon plus many other things of executable
Resource hacker is a utility that let you add, delete, modify
resources in executable files.
You can download it by navigating following link.
Follow the below steps to change resources of executable
(1) Right now My executable file is having no icon. I am
going to add it.
(2)  Go to File–>Open and browse
executable file.


(3)Here you can change basic stuffs like Application name, Internal
name, Version , Description.
(4) To add a new icon, click on Action–>Add a new Resource. Browse
.ico file and give it a name.
(5) After adding the resource it will appear on left side
hierarchy. To save it, Click on File–>Save
As as shown in screenshot


(6) You will see Executable file with icon now.
This way you can change many resources like images, menus as
resource hacker first decompiles and recompiles the executable files.
You can also change the icons of Notepad, games which is
default in Windows OS.

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