Create Setup file for Any Application using Inno setup compiler

Few days ago I created one .exe application using Microsoft Visual Studio for Automatic installation of Plugins to browsers. To distribute it among different computers, It was needed to create set up of it.

I used Inno Setup Compiler to create setup for my application.

You can download Inno setup compiler by navigating to below links.

Follow below steps to create setup for your application :
(1)  Run Inno Setup Compiler. Goto new–>Click on next. Write Your Application name, version, company name and website url.

(2)  Select where you want the software to be installed (If not Program files then click on custom).Also provide folder name for the installation directory.

(3)  This is the most important step. Select the first file which should run when application starts up. Also add supporting files to main file. All supporting files will be copied to installation directory along with main file.

(4) You may have seen readme.txt files after and before installing any software. You can do this while creating setup. In this setup you can import 2 files which will be presented to user before and after installing software.

(5) You can select languages for setup and also setup icon, password for setup file.

(6) Now Compile and save the script. Once you specify the path for storing the script, Your setup file will be stored in output folder. If you have not specified any path then default it will be stored in My documents–>output folder.

(7) Here is my setup file that is created. I can now easily distribute my application to any user.

(8) Any user can install that application using installing that setup file. Here I have installed it and it will be installed to Program file–>”Your folder name” as we specified during setup.

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