How to Install Joomla on Localhost or Webhost and Start developing Website (New Version)

Similar like wordpress, Joomla is CMS(Content Management System) for creating attractiveand handy websites with 0% coding.

Check Out Examples of websites developed using joomla :
Before starting to explain you How to install Joomla, I am assuming that you have Php-Mysql webhost or you have installed Php-Mysql server on local machine.
(1) Download latest version of joomla from following site :
(2)    Now Extract the downloaded file and put that folder in web directory of your server (www  or other.)


(3)    Now go to browser and http://localhost/Joomla_3.1.1-Stable-Full_Package (folder name may differ). And you will see something like this.
(4)    Now Fill all the details and and click on next. Here Configure your database and click on next.
(5)    Install sample data in last step if you are using joomla for the first time. That will help you.And finally Click on install.
(6)    At last, Click on remove installation folder as without you won’t be able to go ahead.
(7)    Click on admin.Login and check out the dashboard for creating joomla website.
(8)    You can also preview your website by clicking on top left corner.


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