How to download youtube videos on your android mobile phone?


YouTube is an awesome site to watch videos online. Even on Android phones, YouTube is the most liked application to browse and watch videos. But the biggest concern about YouTube that users still bear is “How do I download YouTube videos on mobile?” Thank goodness I’m using Android because there are certain options to watch […]

How to hack android phone and wifi using android hack apps and tools


With the development of mobile phone technology, today hacking has transmitted from the computers to mobile phones. In fact, it has become the favorite hobby for technology geeks and hackers and they can apply almost all the techniques for Android hacks. Today, in this article, we will show you the best Android hacking apps and […]

15 best gba emulators for android to play gba games


Are you searching for a good android emulator website? Over the years, the need for android simulators and emulators has increased remarkably. More and more people are hunting for emulators that can help them launch performance intensive programs, without worrying about storage or mobile resources. However, the process of choosing the town’s good android emulator […]

How to download paid android apps, games for free easily


Android is one of the finest platforms for any smartphone. It is filled with an endless list of features and applications for ardent techies. Smartphone users admire android for its mobile applications that are categorized across a wide range of bases. Almost all categories you can think off will have both paid and free applications. […]

30+ Most popular and best torrent sites for movies


If torrent sites wouldn’t have been there, people would have expended much of their pocket money buying movie tickets and purchasing DVD’s. This is why today we can relax and be carefree because of getting free movie downloads through these torrent movie websites. Torrent provides large number of movie downloads based on the peer to […]

How to hide your identity in whatsapp through virtual phone number?


Over the past few years, Whatsapp has made it big in the social networking industry. It is a powerful and effortless way of sending and receiving messages through a smart phone. When compared against conventional messaging tools, Whatsapp has an edge! It is easy to use (few clicks away), extremely simple, technically lightweight and a […]

14 best backup and restore apps for your android phone


Electronically saved files and documents are not always safe. Nowadays, smartphones are mostly used to store the official files and documents. Your phone might crash anytime accidentally and this will make you lose all your important files and folders. And this is why it is very important to keep a routine backup of your phone […]