HP Managed Print Services(MPS): Reduce cost and manage better

This post brought to you by HP MPS. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Techno Nutty. In today’s IT world, everything is about data, how efficiently you use data to improve products you develop, services you offer, operational cost and many other things. Spending on devices like printers, scanners, copiers, faxes always […]

How to rotate a video to 90, 180 degrees using VLC player


VLC player is one of the well-known media players for a computer which can play media from devices, external storage, discs, and webcams. The player got a set of advanced features and controls that can measure every aspect of the video and play it the way you require it. It supports the major audio and […]

Escort Radar – Best tech solutions for Dads and Grads

This post brought to you by Escort Radar. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Techno Nutty. Escort products have been leading the automotive sector by manufacturing radar and laser detectors to help you drive smarter. The company has sold 10 million products over the last 30 years along with delivering the right services […]

9 best online jobs for teens to earn good money


Most teenagers are very desperate about becoming independent and standing on their own feet. But some of them lack the vital strength and end up wasting time in playing video games or social networking. Teenage is the most significant stage in someone’s your life because this is the only age when you can determine your […]

How to get free wifi anywhere in the world at any time


“I need WiFi access in my area and want to find the places with WiFi near me.” Getting free WiFi connection at a specific place is not that easy. Either you need to pay a one-time charge to access it, or require the authority to get it. And nowadays, WiFi has become such an essential […]

Grammarly review – Is it the best online grammar checker?


Online writing has become an essential part of professional life, and since the online writing tools have come into existence, the need for a grammar checker tools has become obligatory. Writing and editing content work faster with the online applications, but reviewing them takes a hell lot of time. So a handy application for checking […]

15 best waterproof bluetooth headphones for swimmers, athletes


Waterproof headphones are an evolution of the normal earphones that lacked the wireless support and technology. Since the generation getting smarter every day, the headphones are also developing with it by providing the waterproof technology support. Waterproof earbuds are meant for swimmers or people who usually stay out in the wet and rainy areas and […]

How to run windows on mac using Parallels Desktop?


A virtual remote server can help you to run Windows on Mac. Parallels, the remote application server that gives access to Windows on a Mac system. So today I am reviewing this awesome application called Parallels Desktop and tell you how it helps you access Windows on your Mac PC. What is Parallels Desktop? Parallels […]

How to burn ISO to USB on Windows, Linux, MAC?


Transforming an ISO to bootable USB is the alternate choice for copying an ISO to a CD/DVD drive. Although the ISO files cannot be directly copied to the USB stick or in the PC’s not having a DVD drive, but its partitions require being booted where the process is different for each operating system. And […]