10 best transcription software to convert voice,audio,video to text


You must have heard about a number of companies that offer medical transcription jobs. But have you ever come across such a dictation software which is required for such purposes? These companies use the voice to text converter software to fulfill their work and satisfy client needs. A transcription job can be home-based or can […]

Top 14 best free video editing software for Windows 7/8/10


When you are new to video editing, you might probably like to use a free tool rather than purchasing a professional movie editor. Because, nowadays, a free video editing software also provides the professional features and ability to create videos in multiple formats and most people use them to avail all basic features while editing. […]

How to delete photos from iPhone, iPad, iPod?


Running out of storage in your iPhone memory? If you are trying to click pictures and your phone says ‘Storage almost full’ then it indicates that your phone is running on low storage and you need to clear up some space. And this is why you are unable to click and store new photos in […]

7 best keylogger apps for android | Free android keyloggers


Are you always concerned about leaving your phone to your kids? Then try using the keylogger apps which will release your tension and give your child a secure browsing. Today I am going to mention the best uses of mobile keylogger and the top keylogger apps for your Android phone which will protect your device […]

7 free and best antivirus for iPhone, iPad for security


If you are using an iPhone then you must be certainly worried about your confidential data stored on the device. And to protect them, the use of “iOS antivirus” programs is obligatory because such programs protect your phone from unwanted threats, hacks, and data thefts. With the increase of cyber-attacks, these programs are updated on […]

How to track an iPhone, iPad? | Find lost iPhone, iPad


How can I track my iPad or iPhone if it’s stolen? Aren’t you able to recover your iPhone yet? Do you know that instead of lodging a police complaint you can detect my iPhone easily? With the help of desktops tools and apps, an iPhone can be effortlessly tracked. You can detect the location where […]